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Welcome to the wiki. At this site the Mystery TV Genre's reside, from CSI to Law and Order, Miss Marple to Sherlock Holmes, new and old can be found here.

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The first mystery published was Edgar Allen Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841). Auguste Dupin, the brilliant sleuth who solves the crime that baffles everyone, explains the solution. There is little mystery about the origin of the mystery. From here on the mystery genre takes root and spread widely across the world. Detectives, from professional to the amauter pop up all over the world.

The early days of tv mysteries, can be traced back to the hard broiled crime fiction of the movies, with movies like the Thin Man, and Mr. Moto, Charlie Chan, and so on. Adaptations from books, and new creations started becoming widely popular. The Radio also helped propel the voice actors to the screen.

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